Leader: Goldenberg E. P.

Panelists: Clayson J., Kalas I., Harvey B.

Those of you who attended Constructionism 2010 in Paris did hear, on many occasions in the plenary sessions, someone shout out "but that's NOT constructionism". This would be followed, with equal passion, by the opposite view. But we never developed those shouts into a conversation. It's not enough simply to say that we are 'anti-instructionists'. In the world we live in, we need to re-address how we can describe and demonstrate constructionism amongst our community and to others. We need to develop words and methods to convince others of its value, its nature and its sustainability in life-long learning. Most teachers, parents, students, decision makers don't have any idea of what constructionism is and confuse it with all manner of approaches. We have never really opened up conversations with our potential colleagues especially outside math and science. No wonder we are often portrayed as a peripheral group. This panel will be an exercise in describing experiences of 'the real thing', the real essence of constructionism from some concrete example. The descriptions will address both the constructionist community and external stakeholders. The panel leader will encourage others to comment and state their agreement or disagreement. The session will be recorded so comments can be distributed to others for their comments.